Wednesday, May 18, 2011

trapped in a musical

In high school, I took musical theater classes and loved it.  Have you ever watched a musical?  I just love how one minute the people are talking and the next they are singing!  I showed a musical, Disney's Anastasia, to one of my classes earlier this year. At one point they were threatening to scream if she sang another song, and they were only halfway through it.  
 Last year the kids in my class watched a lot of ICarly where they do something called "Random Dancing".  Every once in a while, the kids would just do random dancing out of nowhere, then sit back down and do their work!  I think everyone should random dance now and then!
 This morning, though, one of the kids in my morning class sang a few lines from a song.  You know, the catchy one that goes, "Today I don't feel like doing anything".  Before I knew it, the class had all joined in singing, including me (I couldn't resist, and like I said, the song IS catchy!), and they even all joined arms and started dancing as they sang the entire song together.  I felt like I was trapped in a real life musical! I am really going to miss these kids at the end of the year.  They sure do lift my spirits, not to mention making me giggle!

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Mariah said...

I love when kids aren't afraid to just have fun. Makes some of the best classroom memories!

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