Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Geography, Oceans and The Smarty Pants Kid

I have a student in my class who should probably be the one teaching instead of me.  
Let me explain.  I have been teaching science and math for 13 years.  All of a sudden, I have this geography class on my schedule this year.  I have only taught geography once and I co-taught, which means that the other teacher covered for my sorry butt since I know nothing about geography.  

First, I tried to talk my way out of it, tried to get another math or science prep instead.  When that didn't work out, I cried.  A lot.
So, I have spent this year trying to be a good geography teacher (Google is my BFF!!!).  Along with the book and the internet, I have come up with some good lessons and activities, and we have (slowly) made our way around the world- me learning right along with them most of the time.  

We have watched a lot of travel videos because we want to see what these places really look like, not just read about it.  Our favorite ones are the Globe Trekker series.  Be careful though, one time we saw a butt!

Anyway, with the end of the school year coming around, I handed out the exam review which was a foldable where the kids had to list the continents and oceans, 20 countries and capitols, 15 bodies of water, 3 deserts, 5 mountain ranges, etc.  
This brings me to The Smarty Pants Kid.  He comes up to me and says, "Miss, how many oceans are there?" all innocent and sweet-like.  I should have known I was walking right into a trap.  "4", I say.  "Nope," he said, "there are 5, I bet you a dollar that there is a new one called the Southern Ocean".  I had never heard such hooey in my life, so I give him a look and call up Google.  He starts laughing and walks over to the computer.  Sure enough, I owed the kid a dollar!  Why am I always the last to know everything?!


Carina said...

LOL. That's pretty funny. I didn't know about it either, but it sounds like you're having some fun with your class.


JaY said...

Huh! Good to know!

Don't feel too bad.. my BF (also a teacher) gave me a very funny/disgusted look when I asked him if he knew what the 5th ocean was. :)

Dropping by from 'A creative princess' party!

Mary @ Redo 101 said...

Hi, thanks for visiting me at Redo 101 and your sweet comment. Ask that kid exactly when "they" invented this new ocean - I'm a geography fanatic and I've never heard of it. Simply maddening. Fail him. :)

Terri @ A Creative Princess said...

Now why would they go and add a new ocean and not tell all of us, just the kids? Lol! Thank you so much for linking up!

Nikki said...

I had no idea they added a new ocean! It seems kind of arbitrary, the way the oceans are divided. I mean, it's all one big giant body of water on the map!

I'm still having a hard time with the loss of Pluto from the solar system. Now what will My Very Excellent Mother Just Serve Us? We lost Pickles, and you can't end on Nice!

I'm a new follower from the Super Stalker hop!


Cranberry Morning said...

Yeah, life isn't fair since the kids found the internet. LOL

PuppyFly Boutique said...

I feel your pain - I'm always being caught out by the little darlings in my class! Anna :)

ReadyOrNot said...

He is so full of himself now, I guess he really does deserve that A though, lol. I do like learning something new everyday, but this info. was enough to last me for a week!

Ginny said...

I know I found out about it from one of my kids extra credit homework type assignments. I couldn't remember though if I should have known that, lol. Glad to see other people didn't as well :)

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