Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pulling Weeds and Planting Seeds

When I was in my 20's I loved staying out late, playing spades, dancing, smoking and drinking.  Now that I am in my 30's, I have forgotten how to play spades and quit smoking (bad for kids and my asthma).  You could not pay me to get dolled up and go out to the club.  My moves are circa 1997 and I get a splitting headache if I have more than 2 drinks!  Oh, and going out to the club also requires staying up past my 10:30 bedtime!  

In my 30's, my hobbies have changed.  Now, I like to cook, swim, read, scrapbook, but most of all I try to be a good momma.  Another surprising hobby I have picked up is gardening.  My passion for gardening has really grown lately!  I have a very nice garden that I keep up in the front of my house.  It includes banana trees, orchids, lillies, a dwarf azalea and some shrimp and jasmine plants.  

 About 2 months ago, I decided that since I had mastered that, I was ready to start a garden at my school with one of my classes.  I had the kids write the grant to fund the garden themselves, stake out the area and take soil samples, calculate how much soil and choose the seeds we would plant.  I sent the kids home with seeds and egg cartons to start growing seedlings while I pulled all of the deliveries and funding together.  Finally, we drilled and nailed together the landscaping ties and carried and poured 100 bags of dirt into rows and planted our seeds!  

As if the huge school garden wasn't enough for me, over Easter break, I dragged 20 bags of dirt and 30 giant pavers into my backyard and made a mini-vegetable garden back there with my daughter's help.  
You can see the giant boulder and tee-pee in this picture!
We used sea shells on sticks to mark the rows!

Well, what do you think?!
How have your hobbies changed as you have gotten older?

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Carina said...

Hilarious and creative! I love the shell idea.

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