Thursday, May 19, 2011

no where to run to

I would like to kick whoever designed our school.  
In the shins.  A lot.
Seriously, whoever designed the "smart school" building plans that are so popular lately, clearly did not expect teachers to be working there in the school OR actual children to be learning in it.  
First of all, if the school was really smart, they would have put hand dryers in the bathrooms instead of paper towels.  This way the students would not be able to wet them and stick them to the ceiling or stuff them into the sinks or toilets to overflow them. 
 If the designers of "smart schools" were really smart they would have been able to do the geometry required to figure out that kids on both sides of the hallway at lockers stacked 3 deep does not equal any room left for other students to walk through that hallway.  What it DOES equal is one giant mosh pit. 

Our smart school has a telephone in each room.  Do you know where it calls?  The office and other classrooms.  That is it.  Do you think it would have been that difficult to make it call out?  The nearest phone is in the office on the secretary's desk if I want to call a parent.  UGH!
Most importantly, the designers of our smart school have so lovingly remembered us teachers.  The only place to poop in the entire school is A) in the back of the library where children are checking out books  B) in the bathroom with the kids fighting for the big stall and a moment of privacy C) directly outside of my boss's office.  Well guess what smart designers- I would rather choose D) run out and poop in the woods over ANY of those choices.  Which option would you choose?  

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Denise said...

The ONLY time I got into REAL trouble at school was when I was eight and a group of us would wet the toilet paper in the sink and throw it on the ceiling where it would stick!!! Every day the janitor would scrape the ceiling and repaint it. So we always had a clean slate to decorate. The janitor and the principal didn't find it so humorous.

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