Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Fish Murderess

My fish are all staring at me as I sit here on the couch- they are all looking at me accusingly with their little fishy eyes.  

And every time I get up, they all swim and hide as fast as they can.  You see, they know that I murdered one of their fishy friends.  I didn't mean to, honestly.  I take good care of them.  I was cleaning the tank and one of the coral pieces shifted.  I didn't pay attention to it.  The next day the fish were acting kind of weird- giving me the "hey lady look" and everything.  All of a sudden I noticed one of the fish swimming  to nowhere under one of the coral pieces.  I quickly reached in and lifted it up, and he swam away, but it was too late- he was pretty flat in the middle.  

Then he disappeared for a day, and I started to think that maybe he plumped up again and was doing fine.  But the fish all kept giving me the "hey lady look" so I did what anyone would do- made my kid scoop out the dead fish with the net.  Yup, I made my kid do the dirty work- I am so not making mom of the year this year! 

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