Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pimpin' out the Pantry

My first project of the summer was to organize my pantry.  It is the only closet in the entire downstairs of my house, so I wanted to try to make it so that I can cram even more crap in there a more functional space!  I was so eager to get started that I took absolutely no "before pictures", and just started throwing everything from the pantry into a box and all over my kitchen counters.  I then Googled, measured, and carefully created a list of the organizational items I would need to purchase.  I decided to try to brave Ikea just one more time (the last time I walked in there my mind went blank, I was overwhelmed by the size and amount of stuff in the place, and I took a lindenberry drink and hightailed it out of there!)  

Well, when I got to Ikea yesterday, I realized I had left my list at home and was shocked to find that Smaland would only watch my kid for 45 minutes.  45 minutes!!!  

So, I dragged my poor friend through the store at a break-neck pace and stuffed our bags full of everything organizational I could find.  We had only gotten through about half of the store when I had to run back to the Smaland to beg for more time.  They gave me another half hour.  Have you seen this store???  It practically took me a half hour just to get back to where I left off!  

So, I figured out where we left off and continued running through the store grabbing stuff left and right, and next thing I know, the Smaland buzzer goes off.  Surely this must be a mistake, I thought, I have 16 and a half more minutes left- so I ignore the buzzer.  A few more minutes go by and they PAGE me over the LOUDSPEAKER!  Well, I started to panic a little as I run back through the maze to see what the deal is, and when I got back to Smaland, my daughter told me that she had them call me because she was bored and needed some meatballs to eat!  Yeah, me too kid, me too!


Danyale N. said...

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Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

I have been to Ikea twice and every time I get lost like a billion times. That store is insane! Those meatballs look yummy though, I might have to stop by again just to try some of those out. haha! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following back!

GuppyAl said...

I'm super jealous that you have a pantry as a crap keeper...um, I mean...functional space. I'll have to keep waiting for my dream house for one of those!

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