Thursday, June 2, 2011

say no to pinchy clothes

I am tired of having pinchy, tight clothes! 

I decided if I have to go up a size to be comfortable then SO BE IT.  I am so tired of giving myself such a hard time about my body.  For goodness sakes, a 12 is not fat, it is average.  I am good and strong (and hope that I am strong enough to make it through this hike this summer!) 

Today, I was talking about clothes with some other moms, and we were talking about how we have a love/hate relationship with Target's clothes.  We LOVE their kids clothes!  We love how they have all these cute mix and match bottoms and tops all laid out on a table for 3.99-5.99!  BUT... we CAN'T STAND their adult clothes.  The sizing and fit is so weird, like it isn't made for real people.  I don't think I could even cram myself into their size 18!  They should just make those cute mix and match clothes for adults too!

When I went shopping for my comfortable non-pinchy clothes, I didn't find any cute mix and match clothes, but I did find these really comfortable shorts at JCPenney: 

I also found these really soft t-shirts at Old Navy:

I think I am going to live in these capris from JCPenney:

And finally, I found these cozy Nick and Nora pajamas from Target:
(See, I am not a total Target hater!)
What clothes are you going to live in this summer?


Debbie said...

New follower from the hop. I also love Target's clothes for kids. I can't leave that store without buying something new for them. I also find the adult sizing is on the small scale, maybe more on the junior level in a lot of their stuff. I always buy a couple sizes larger. Have a great evening.

Travellin Chris said...

Not only are the adult sizes odd at Target, but the colors of the adults clothes are just weird. Poop, puke, and snot are the only colors I can think of to describe their color lines. Seriously.

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