Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dance, Dance, Dance

Do you remember your 8th grade dance?
When I was in junior high we had dances, but never a big 8th grade dance.  I used to have so much fun dancing to songs like this:

These days a lot of middle schools go all out for their 8th grade dances.  One school did an "ICE" theme:

My school always goes all out with their designs too.  Last night they had a giant "Broadway" sign, with a red carpet for the kids to walk in on.  

The kids looked beautiful- not exactly dressed for prom, but dressed in the prettiest party dresses and suits!  One thing they had that was a great idea was a "shoe check".  The girls were all able to check their shoes when they walked in so that they could DANCE!  They had free snacks and punch for them and a photo booth for them to take pictures in.

I took my daughter with me to chaperone and she thought it was great!  She can't wait to be in middle school (a few years to go yet, kiddo!)  I was proud of the kids that they kept it classy, there wasn't really any grinding (dirty dancing) - just a lot of kids dancing and having fun.  Remember the train?  Kids still do that!  
And everyone did the "Casper Slide", "Cupid Shuffle" and of course, the "Dougie"!  Thank goodness I had watched this video and could join in!


Kristy said...

I have chaperoned many a middle school dance. They are so funny. The kids dance like crazy! We all just stood around awkwardly.

Monika said...

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