Monday, June 6, 2011

Mystery Monday- Ow, my memory

 Welcome to Mystery Monday!
This week I am exploring the mysteries of my memory.
Like, why do I only remember the negative things that people say, and the nice things are forgotten so quickly?  It should totally be the other way around.  

Or whenever I do something stupid, I just can't seem to stop thinking about it, but when I do something completely awesome or cool, I forget about it after about 2 days! 
Why is it that when I run upstairs to get something, by the time I get to the top step, I have forgotten what I went up there for (I could run up and down the stairs all day!)
 And EVERY time I go shopping, no matter how well I am prepared, as soon as I get home I realize that I forgot one thing that I kinda needed!  (I would not make a good extreme couponer because most of the time it is my coupons that I forget!)

What is a mystery to you today?  Link up and share!  The only rule is that you must be a follower to link! 


Carina said...

Reading this blog made me realize that I have never read too many mysteries. I mean, most books with decent plot have some kind of mystery to them, but I've never really read an Agatha Christie or the usual type of murder mysteries and whatnot since my days back with the Boxcar Children. And it's been a while.

ReadyOrNot said...

I never really read too many mystery novels either. I read a lot of Sherlock Holmes stories this year with one of my classes and they LOVED it. It has been a mysterious year!

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