Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Hot, Hot, Hot

Well, I guess summer is here!  It is so hot here in Florida that you practically melt when you go outside.  So, what are some ways to keep cool with your kids?
1) Go to the movie theater.  I usually freeze there, so it feels great in the hot weather!
2) Go ice skating!  Ice skating is an awesome summer time activity- your nose may even run!
Not me!
3) Check out synchronized swimming.  I have been doing synchronized swimming with my daughter this summer.  She is way better than me because when I get my arms going good, my legs stop, and when I get my legs kicking good I forget to move my arms.  I am not a multi-tasker in the water apparently!
Really not me!
4)  Hook up a sprinkler to your hose and run through it.  Or scoot or bike through it.
 5)  Spend the day in the library.  It is nice and air conditioned there!  I usually grab the latest issues of the gossip magazines and sit in the comfy chairs in the children's room while my daughter plays on the computers there.
6) Hit the beach- build sandcastles and find shells.  We usually go in the evening when the sun is not so bright.
7)  Make homemade snowcones or popsicles.
8)  Visit a spring.  There are many beautiful springs and they are so refreshing to swim in when it is cold.  Springs have this great smell and your hair is SO soft after you swim in one!
9)  Go tubing!  Take a fun group of people with you and don't forget to take an extra tube for your cooler full of snacks and drinks!  It also pays to arrange for a ride at the end of the tube run to take you back to your car.
 10)  Visit a museum.  Take a sketch pad and colored pencils for your child to draw the art that they liked the best.  

What do you do to stay cool on the hottest summer days?

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