Saturday, July 9, 2011

Teachers and Summertime

I hear it all the time: you are so lucky to be a teacher since you don't have to work in the summer!  Um, trust me, teachers are usually so beat down and worn out from the school year that it takes 2 months (it's not 3 anymore, people!) to recover!  
Last summer was the worst ever, because the kids were so difficult the year before that it took all summer to recover.  I even cried on my first day (ok, week!) back.  
But, this year, the kids were awesome, and just today, I think I am recovered!  
Here is how I know:  I have chosen my classroom theme!  
Get ready:
Adorable Frog Posters!
The bellwork that kids do at the beginning of my class is going to be called "Hop-To-Its"!  I am going to make a bulletin board with letters of advice for the new middle schoolers and call it "Look at this advice before you Leap into 6th grade".  I am going to make another bulletin board that says "Jump into the Year With the Right Supplies", which will show all of the supplies the students will need for class.  
I know that it is a little early to be getting all excited about the next group of kids, but I can't help it.  If they are half as sweet as my kids from this year, it will be a great year- a froggy year!


Kristy said...

It is a good sign that you are excited for your new theme! I used to teach, and now I'm a school psychologist. We also get exactly 2 months in the summer nowadays. I am so grateful for the time. So. Grateful.

IDEA House said...

Great theme idea! So many teachers forget that Middle School kids need motivation, too! As for ever truly "breaking away" from planning ahead... never seen a good teacher be able to do it! :)

Momma Teacher Lady said...

As much as people complain about how teachers don't work the entire year, I don't think they understand just how exhausting teaching can be - physically and mentally. Having a break allows me to recharge and modify and create new lessons when I'm relaxed and don't have a million things going. I use my summer to create a bunch of lessons or modify old ones so I can walk into school on the first day recharged and ready to go!

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