Thursday, July 28, 2011


Does your child have a "woobie"?  Mine does.  His name is "Bear" and it is a small green blanket that she has had since she was born.  
 Well, correction, she has lost him 3 times and 3 times I was at the mercy of E-Bay to try to find another one since it is no longer made.  I even paid 35 dollars one time.  (There is a business that I should invest in- forget stocks, I should start investing in woobies!)  I went to a baby shower the other day and they asked all the ladies to write advice for the mom-to-be.  My advice is that if your kid has a woobie, buy several and hide them.  Oh, and don't wash the woobie- your kid will cry and you will feel bad.  Woobies are stinky, and kids like them that way.  So many times when we are out and about and someone sees my daughter and her woobie, they will stop me to tell me about one they had when they were a kid and how their parents threw it away, or slowly cut pieces off until there was nothing left!  I could never do that to my daughter!  I don't think it hurts anything for her to keep her bear- to tell you a secret, she comes by it honestly.
Bear hanging out with my old woobie, Hansel!
Do you still have your woobie?

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Della said...

My oldest daughter had a favorite blanket, and another small blankey type thing with a bunny head that she carried everywhere until she was 5. She still has them, packed away safe...she's almost 30!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I had a stuffed kitty named Brownie that I took everywhere. I still have it. Of course, I don't carry it around anymore. Well, not all the time at least. :)

Mel said...

This is great advice! I wish I had bought two of my daughter's version of a woobie because the one we have is starting to look pretty rough and I get so scared he will fall apart!

LOVE the pic of your two woobies together; so precious!

Stacy said...

I never had a woobie. It's always amazed me how kids can get attached to a blanket. My daughter does have a stuffed bunny she's had since she was six months old. We have rules that Bunny has to stay in the house, otherwise we would have lost him a long time ago!

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