Sunday, July 10, 2011

Not Sleeping Over

Something about me that you may not know is that I am a single mom, and I have raised my daughter on my own since she was born.  My daughter only sees her father every other Sunday.  She has only spent the night over there twice in her life.  Lately she has been very interested in slumber parties.  She had a friend spend the night here once, and she spends the night over my mom's house or her godmother's house once in a while, but has yet to spend the night over a friend's house.  So, she got on the phone with her dad the other day, and I wasn't really listening to what she was saying, and apparently she asked to come spend the night.  He has two other kids and I know that she wanted to have a slumber party with her brother and sister, but I know she was also worried about sleeping in a strange bed without her mama.  She was stressing out about it for two nights, and almost backed out, but finally decided to stay the night anyway.  And guess what?  Oh yes, I get a phone call at 9:45 pm with her tiny little voice crying and begging me to come get her.  So, my question is, what would you do?  Would you tell her to suck it up and stay the night, or would you go get her.  Can you guess what I did?  Yup, I went and got her.


Amanda said...

I would have done the same thing! There is a big difference between being a parent in "theory" (like I did with family and friends' children before I had my own) and being an "acual" parent.

I found you through the Single Parent Retreat's Monday blog hop :)

Amanda from Coping with Frugality (

The Queen of Green said...

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rebeccaw said...

My daughter is 21 now, but I remember getting a call very similar to that one. She was at a friend's and decided she needed to be home instead. I picked her up, of course. I thought it was more important for her to know that if she needed me, I would be there than it was for me to stay in my pjs in bed. Remarkably, it only happened once; I think that was enough to comfort her.

Reasonably Less said...

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Closer to Lucy said...

She'll stay over when she's ready...

Sad that she isn't already used to staying there :( Every girl needs a solid daddy in their life....guess you're doing both.

I raised my kids without their dad too, it wasn't until I remarried and my daughter attached (at 20 years old) to my husband that I realized how much she missed having a dad in her life. But what's a mama to do???

Lovely lil spot you've got here.
Lucy is out hopping. Come on by when you get a chance Closer to Lucy

SondraMama said...

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