Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Go- Go Garage Clean-up

My next organization project for the summer was to organize my garage!  
This time I remembered to take before pictures, but I am embarrassed to show them!  

See! It was a mess before!  All year long, I just dump stuff in there!

The first thing that I did was to take everything off of the workbench and out of the cabinets.  I painted the workbench blue and and while that was drying went through all of my bins to see what was inside and labelled them.  
My Summer Blue workbench

The next thing I did was to cut a peg board down and place that behind the workbench.  I put pegs in the board and hung up my tools.  Then I corralled all of the junk into bins and labeled them "wires", "car", "paint", "garden", "beach" etc...  I also added a little basket with mailing envelopes and a gift wrap bin so that I can wrap gifts on the workbench when I need to.  On the front of the workbench, I attached a plastic window box that never really worked out for the window to store my drill and other tools!
Pegboard with tools

Beach bin, sports bin and window box for tool storage

I also set up a craft center on the other side of the garage for my crafty little daughter to hang out and create things.  
Craft center

Last, I hung up all of my garden flags on a shelf that was already hanging on the opposite wall near where I keep the (now overflowing!) garbage and recycle bins.  

Even the flags are organized!
 So, what do you think???


Denise said...

I think Craig is VERY proud of his creative daughter! He taught you a lot of handy things!

itsjustme said...

Great job. I've been kind of doing the same thing around here.

Galen Sonntag said...

After a good cleaning last summer, I put in a Krauss Surface Saver Garagemat and it helped to keep my garage cleaner all year long. I got mine at www.garagemat.com.

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