Friday, April 1, 2011

Annoyance, Tardiness and Smiling

When I hear the word "annoyance", one person comes into my mind- my Baby Daddy- BD for short.  He is a complete annoyance!  So much so that you wonder if he is trying to annoy me on purpose. 

As a teacher, I am very mindful of time, having every moment of classroom time every day planned out to the minute.  BD is not.  He shows up late every time he comes to get my daughter, or bring her back.  And not just 5 or ten minutes- at least a half hour or an hour.  My 8 year old daughter has even figured out that if she wants him to come over by a certain time, she should tell him an hour ahead so he will be here on time.  Also, he is late paying my child support every month.  I have to ask for it every month.  Me: "Do you have my check?"  Him:  "Oh, is it the first already?"  Me: "No, it is the 6th" 
Another thing he does to annoy me is that he is a mumbler.  I can never understand what he is saying, especially on the phone.  You know how when you don't hear someone the first time and you say "what?" and then you still don't hear them and you say "excuse me?".  You can maybe get away with one more "could you speak up a little, it is hard to hear you", and then you just have to nod your head and smile.  In his defense, when I am nodding my head and smiling, I am probably agreeing to allow him to pay me late and show up late, if only I could understand what he is saying!

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Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. My Baby Daddy was like that, too. And so was my mom's Baby Daddy. I am hoping my daughter will break the cycle!

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