Wednesday, April 27, 2011 I love you!

My child and the kids in my class will never have to look something up in an encyclopedia.  They may not even know what one is.  I am so in love with the person who invented!  I rarely go a day without googling something.  (They even added the word "googling" to the dictionary so I am not sure why it is underlined in red?)   AND did you know that you can even google from your phone?!  My recent googles have been on a variety of subjects some of which are:
1) Venice Beach Florida, shark's teeth
2) How do you remove dirt stains from clothes
3) How do you get love bugs off of a car
4)  How do you dry a sponge from the beach
5)  What if your hermit buries itself

Inspired by one minute bloggers- reference

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