Tuesday, April 12, 2011

how to entertain 25 teenagers after testing

Standardized testing is so serious around here.  It is nothing but business in the morning on test days.  Then comes the afternoon.  So, what can you do to entertain these teenagers who are bursting with energy and were just forced to sit still for 2 hours?
Idea Number 1- Show a movie.  Works the first day.  Maybe the second day.  But after the third day becomes quite ineffective.
Idea Number 2- Math Art.  Teach the kids how to fill in large addition or multiplication grid, then have them substitute patterns in for the numbers.  Or have them make tessellations like the artist, MC Escher.
Idea Number 3- Make a garden.  This one is my personal plan of attack.  These kids carried about 100 bags of dirt from one side of the school to the other, dumped the dirt and formed rows, then planted seedlings they grew in egg cartons.  I went home dirty and sweaty every day for the past week, and I am sure the other teachers are wondering what the heck happened to me when they see me walking out in the evening.
Idea Number 4- This one came straight from the kids.  They walked into my class, said "let's have a dance party", "can we move the desks", "we promise we will put them back" "can we play music", proceeded to move the desks and begin dancing the "dougie" all before I could even blink an eye or answer them yes or no!  Hello?!
Idea Number 5- Get fed up and make them work!  They will call you mean and say "but we just took tests all morning!"  But hey, they just tried to throw a dance party!


itsjustme said...

They gave me the same suggestion. LoL I said Hell no.

ReadyOrNot said...

I have watched this video so many times, I can't get over the kid in purple, it is cracking me up!

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