Saturday, April 30, 2011

tea parties and the pinkie police

I just love a good tea party!  Why is it that sandwiches taste sooo much better when they are cut up into teeny tiny shapes.  And why is it that tea tastes sooo much better when you drink it out of pretty little china cups.  My daughter loves to have tea parties and so the other day, for a special treat, my mom and I took her to a tea house to have a lovely afternoon tea.  We had tea in pretty china cups and ate little fancy sandwiches and tea cakes. 
They even had hats and accessories there to dress up in.
   My daughter chose a great outfit for herself and an extra special hat for me!
My daughter was displaying her best tea party manners and made sure that my mom and I did too- including keeping our pinkies up when we drank or ate.  We called her the pinkie police because every time we would put our pinkie down, she would let us know about it! 
Tea parties are one of the fun things about having a girl, don't you think?


Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

So sweet, I have boys so this is something I would probably have to do whilt they are in timeout.

Miel et Lait said...

Thank looks like an amazing tea party! Visiting from TRDC.

Marni's Organized Mess said...

How fun!

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