Monday, April 4, 2011

grocery shopping on the OTHER side of town

I always do my grocery shopping at the the same store.  It is quiet, clean, and they carry just about every item I use in my house.  They bag my groceries in paper bags, (I can never remember those darn cloth things, but I know that plastic bags are evil!) and they walk them out and load them in my car for me.  They give a free cookie to your kid, and I don't think the prices are too high.  Today, I just needed one thing, so I decided to run into another store in a different area of town to get ground beef and corn.  Well, it was not quiet and I felt dirty just walking in.  I headed to the back of the store for the ground beef, and the only kind they had was 80/20.  Eww, that is the kind that surprises you when you bite into it with little hard bits, plus it is more fattening.  Since the ground beef was a bust, I looked at the ground turkey.  They only had 80/20 in that too.  At this point it was getting late and I was becoming hungry, so I grabbed the turkey.  Then I found some corn for like a dollar an ear!  I was disappointed that the people who shop on the OTHER side of town don't have better choices.  They can come over to my store anytime!  

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