Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tom the hermit crab and the Dora shell

My daughter now has her 3 hermit crabs set up in a proper aquarium with all of the comforts a hermit crab could possibly need.  (You can review our struggle to get to this point here).  We did still have one thing weighing on our hearts, though, and that is poor Tom, the crab.  You see, Tom is stuck inside of a shell with Dora the Explorer painted on it.  In our extensive hermit crab research (we love you,!), we discovered that living in a painted shell is not healthy for a hermit crab.  So, we boiled some other shells and placed those in their "crabitat" to see if he might like one of the other ones better.  Well, last night was the first night in their new home, and this morning, my daughter woke up and ran down to check on them and began yelling for me.  I came downstairs to see what all of the commotion was about and I spied the empty Dora shell!  Tom has flown the coop!  We did read that a crab could leave it's shell behind to jump out of its cage, so we scanned the floor to no avail.  And then we spotted one of the boiled shells moving!  Tom has a new shell!  And now our hearts can rest easy because we know that he will be healthy now in a natural shell that does not have a girly cartoon character on it. I mean what kind of boy crab would want to live like that?!

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