Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's Love Bug Season!

It's Love Bug Season!  Those people who have ever lived in Florida or visited Florida around May, know that I am definitely not talking about an old Disney movie when I say that it is love bug season!

They know that I am talking about actual bugs.  I really do feel sorry for the bugs.  They are harmless little black flying bugs just trying to get their hump on.  (They are usually joined together with another bug when you see them)  I read that they are attracted to fumes from cars and that is why they hang out near highways catching their deaths.  There are also many rumors about love bugs having been genetically created by USF in order to control the mosquito population, but that turns out to be untrue.  Besides, they don't even eat mosquitoes.  Click the link for more info. about them.  LINK
After a long drive this morning, I came home with my car just covered in them.  At one point it was like driving through a love bug storm!  When you spray and swish your windshield wipers, they do not come off, they just leave streaks all over it.  So, I have been googling (again) how to get them off of your car and learned that if you don't remove them after about 24 hours, then their little bodies become acidic and can ruin the paint on your car.  I also learned that there is someone right here in Florida who invented a special spray to remove them.  I think I am going to run out and get some.  I only have 10 hours left!

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