Saturday, April 23, 2011

the ding dong and ditcher

Every day this week during one of my classes, some kid has been jiggling our classroom door handle several times and running off.  Each time it would happen, the kids would get all riled up about it and take forever to settle down to work again. So, we discussed the ding dong and ditch issue together as a class and came up with a plan.  Talk about the scientific method in action!  So, yesterday at 11:55, we paused our "Feeling Good About Growing Up" movie and assumed our places.  I stood pressed against the wall on one side of the door, with a kid on the other side sitting down in a chair.  Two kids went through to one of the adjoining rooms, and two went through to the other and acted as lookouts.  My students pretended to all watch the movie and we waited...  Finally, I noticed a kid walk up and stand right beside the door, reach out for the handle, and... WE CAUGHT THE DING DONG DITCHER!!!  The kids all saw him and verified that he was the one they saw doing it, and were yelling "write him up, write him up!" and were cheering and clapping that the doorknob jiggler will be brought to justice and now they can learn in peace!

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